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March 2014

Why A Mobile Medical Website Makes Sense

healthcommunities web design | Mobile Medical Websites | smartphones-for-mobile-medical-websites

With a rapidly growing number of patients using phones and tablets to go online, here's the low-down on why you seriously need to consider setting up a mobile medical website.

Been There? Done That? Bought The T-Shirt?

healthcommunities web design | Mobile Medical Websites | smartphone-access-to-mobile-medical-websites

You need to look something up online--an address maybe, or stats for a meeting. You're not in the office, you're not home, you don't have your laptop with you. All you have is your smartphone. You really need the information, so you bite the bullet and go online, even though your data plan fees are a killer if you exceed your limit.

The site takes forever to load. Your internet connection is unreliable. You can practically see the $$$ scrolling past your eyes. The site you visit doesn't fit on your smartphone screen, and scrolling and zooming doesn't work the way the phone store guy promised. And good luck filling out that online form with your tiny virtual keyboard.

Think that's a pain? Imagine how your patients might feel when they try to access your beautiful, elegant, information-packed website via their smartphones or mini tablets. You know. The site you spent hours and good money on. The site that introduces your medical practice to the world.

Never Fear--Help Is Near

healthcommunities web design | Mobile Medical Websites | mobile-medical-website-help

Wouldn't it be awesome if there was a quick, convenient solution that addressed all these problems at little cost to you? A solution that allowed smartphone, tablet, and phablet users equal access to the same quality content from your medical website that laptop and desktop users already enjoy?

Lucky you! There is!

It's called a mobile website.

"Simplicity Is The Essence Of Good Design"

(That is a made-up quote. Which you can now quote if you like. You're welcome.)

healthcommunities web design | Mobile Medical Websites | simple-clean-mobile-medical-website-designs

When it comes to mobile medical sites, simplicity really is the essence of good design. In fact, simplicity is the point.

A mobile website is a site that is specially designed to display quickly and beautifully on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It's all about clean, uncluttered, on-the-go access to key information.

Not only do well-designed mobile medical sites display properly across a variety of devices and browsers (shockingly, not everyone uses iPhones and Safari, or Android and Chrome), they are also simple to navigate, quick to load, and require lower bandwidth, keeping data access costs to a minimum. If you do the math, this equates to happy patients. Happy patients means happy doctors. Happy doctors make us happy. Yay all around!

Is It Worth Getting A Mobile Medical Site?

healthcommunities web design | Mobile Medical Websites | mobile-medical-websites-yes


"But you don't have to take my word for it."

(That is a real quote from Reading Rainbow's LeVar Burton. You can quote him if you like, but be sure to attribute the quote to him.)

healthcommunities web design | Mobile Medical Websites | mobile-website-stats

This is why you don't have to take our word for it:

According to independent web analytics firm StatCounter, people (including your prospective and current patients--they're people too) are increasingly relying on smartphones to access the web.

Here's an up-to-the-minute, official-looking StatCounter graph illustrating precisely this fact:

healthcommunities web design | Mobile Medical Websites | StatCounter-comparison-US-monthly-201303-201403

Source: StatCounter GlobalStats

And here's a quick breakdown for people who see graphs and think, "Nope.":

Between March 2013 and March 2014 in the US, the number of people accessing the web from desktops/laptops fell from around 80 to just under 70 in every hundred.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the number of people using phones to access the web rose from around 13 to almost 22 per hundred.

The number of people using tablets rose, too, from around 7 to nearly 9 per hundred.

This means (very, very roughly) that almost 1 in 3 people are using phones (mostly) and tablets (sometimes) to get online. And that number is expected to go up.

The nonpartisan Pew Research Center offers further food for thought:

As of January 2014,

  • 58% of Americans have a smartphone
  • 42% own a tablet
  • 34% of cell internet users use their phones first rather than a computer to go online
  • 74% of adult smartphone users use their phones to get directions or other information based on their current locations.

And who are these tech-savvy, smartphone-toting whiz kids? Turns out they're just regular folk like you and me:

healthcommunities web design | Mobile Medical Websites | smartphone-users-and-mobile-medical-websites
  • 83% of 18-29 year-olds
  • 74% of 30-49 year-olds
  • 49% of 50-64 year-olds
  • 19% of 65+ year-olds

What's more,

  • 64% live in urban communities
  • 60% live in suburban communities
  • 43% live in rural communities

These are not numbers you want to ignore, especially since they're rising.

Stay Ahead Of The Curve

healthcommunities web design | Mobile Medical Websites | mobile-medical-websites-stay-ahead-of-the-curve

Ask us again, "Is It Worth Getting A Mobile Medical Site?"

Absolutely, if you want to stay ahead of the curve and keep your patients happy.

You've put a lot of time and love into your website, so, no matter where your practice is located, no matter what your specialty is, no matter whom your patients are, or how they choose to get online, it's good sense to make sure everyone who needs to can access your site any time, any place, quickly and conveniently.

If the above stats aren't enough to convince you, consider this one from Boston research consultancy Latitude's mobile and retail study:

  • 61% of people have a better opinion of brands when they offer a good mobile experience

You should seriously consider getting a mobile medical site. Really.

The Good News

healthcommunities web design | Mobile Medical Websites | mobile-medical-websites-good-news

It's super easy for you to add mobile site capabilities to your medical website package. Just call Remedy's Healthcommunities at 1.888.950.0808, and we'll take it from there. We'll help you through the process, answer all your questions, and have your mobile site up and running in no time.

healthcommunities web design | Mobile Medical Websites | mobile-websites-happy-smartphone-users

Ain't technology grand?

Make your medical website shine! Check out our archive of web design tips, including Five Great Reasons To Redesign Your Website. Or call Remedy's Healthcommunities at 1.888.950.0808. We can help you become your community's trusted voice for patient health.


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