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February 2014

Why Should Patients Pick Your Website?

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You invested time, money and heart to get through medical school so you could help people. But one thing school may not have prepared you for is the sobering fact that running a medical practice is also a business.

Marketing. Office efficiency. Patient education. These skills may not come naturally to a healer, but they can be mastered. Fortunately, you have the perfect tool at your disposal: your website. And your site is a key player when it comes to persuading patients you are the right person to help them. But why should a total stranger pick you over the half dozen other specialists in your neighborhood? The answer's simpler than you might think.

Getting to Know You

Believe it or not, potential patients only have two questions the first time they visit your site: 'Will I like you?' and 'Can I trust you?' It's your job to convince them they will and should.

Three Websites

Here's an example. Janine has been experiencing headaches and nausea for several weeks. She's been scared to go to a doctor in case it turns out to be serious. But the pain has been getting worse. She decides to check out the websites of three doctors in her neighborhood.

Site One

healthcommunities web design | why should patients pick your website | puzzled-patient

Site One is fine. Basic information about the practice is there: specialty, bio, location. But it feels cold. There are no photos other than a tiny snap of the office building. The bio shows the doctor is well-qualified, but who's to say whether this will translate into quality treatment and compassionate care?

Site Two

healthcommunities web design | why should patients pick your website | too-busy

Site Two is hip and happening. But all the bells and whistles mean it takes forever to load, and when it does, there's so much going on it's hard for Janine to locate the information she needs. She gives up because the site suggests the practice itself might be the same.

Site Three

healthcommunities web design | why should patients pick your website | perfect-website

Site Three is elegant, professional, and reassuring. Information is clearly laid out and easy to find. The doctor has written helpful information on headaches and nausea in plain, simple language. Janine reads this, then studies photos and bios of the doctor and staff. Everyone seems friendly and competent. The office looks clean, well-lit, and cheerful--a place to feel safe. Patients have written positive reviews of the practice. Site Three answers Janine's questions before she even sets foot in the office.

Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

Turns out all three doctors are equally qualified, equally talented, and equally dedicated. But only the third doctor understands a website is more than a digital business card or a prestige ad on Superbowl Sunday. It's the first opportunity to demonstrate to a worried patient that the doctor is both likable and trustworthy.

Give Love To Get Love

healthcommunities web design | why should patients pick your website | give-love-to-get-love

You wouldn't treat patients without taking time to connect with them, reassure them, inform them about their options, and earn their trust.

Your website is the first step--let it work for you! Educate potential patients with clear information about the conditions you specialize in. Explain how you can help them. Keep your site sparkling fresh with news of current medical developments and helpful tips. Provide patient reviews and up-to-date, high quality photos.

To get love, you've got to give love. Put some love into your website and patients will trust you and like you and show up on your doorstep. That's when you get to do your *real* job: helping them get better.

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