Go2Dr® Patient Referrals

The customizable Go2Dr® referral tool lets PCPs and other providers make referrals to you through your website, saving them time. No more waiting on hold to try to find the right person to schedule the patient immediately! It’s completely free for your referrers. Each referral you receive contains all the information you need to set up an appointment.

Go2Dr® Appointment Requests

The Go2Dr® appointment request tool makes the most of your opportunity to convert a website visitor into a patient. It’s a simple customizable form that provides website visitors a means for asking to be contacted for an appointment at the time they’re viewing the website, which is often outside normal business hours. This is particularly important now when the number of patients who are choosing physicians online is increasing. The appointment request form captures all the information you need to assess and then set up an appointment, including insurance and HMO authorization (if required), primary care provider and symptoms/complaint. Patients access the appointment request tool via your practice website.

Both tools described above deliver a responsive, intuitive, user-friendly, online experience, and follow industry best-practices for protecting your sensitive patient information. Using industry standard security and encryption technology, our tools prevent sensitive data from being observed both in transit across networks and at rest in our data centers.

Your practice doesn’t have to be a Healthcommunities Provider Services medical practice website client to subscribe to the Go2Dr® service.