Medical Website Subscription Package Options

Subscription Package (ongoing hosting, development, and optimization)* Service Packages
  Premier Advanced Signature
Healthcommunities network patient referral system
(MDLocator, DPMLocator, HCPLocator, etc.)
Included Included  
Self-serve content management
(MDLocator, DPMLocator, HCPLocator, etc.)
Included Included Included
Healthcommunities proprietary search engine optimization services (SEO) Included Included  
Dedicated in-house customer service contact
(website manager)
Included Included  
Website edits upon request Included Included Extra Charge***
Links to continually updated physician-developed and -monitored patient education content Included Included  
Photos, doctor biographies, areas of specialization, articles, clinical trials, etc. Included Included  
Web Forms
(may include additional one-time charge for setup)
Included Included  
Phone and Tablet Support
(includes additional one-time charge for setup)
Included Included  
Social Media Sharing Included Included  
Traffic analysis software set-up support
(Google Analytics)
Included Included Included
Website and domain hosting
(including automatic domain renewals)
Included Included Included
Integrating your EMR system with website Included Included  
Web-ready video link embedding Included Included  
Patient forms (PDF conversion) Included Included  
Patient forms (PDF's with online fillable fields) Included Included  
E-Mail Marketing
(additional charges may apply)
Included Included  
Blogging Engine Included Included  
Built in Modules (events, photos, news, FAQ, Ads) Included Included  
Secure Appointment Request Form Included    
Custom-printed tear pads to promote your website
(offline marketing)
Up to 24 Packages
per year
Up to 12 Packages
per year
Domain name registration and renewals 3 domains 2 domains 1 domain
E-mail account set-up and hosting 25 Accounts;
15 GB Quota
15 Accounts;
10 GB Quota
5 Accounts;
5 GB Quota

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*Special quote for practices with 5 or more physicians
**Choose from 3 custom mock-ups, additional designs available at an hourly rate
***Hourly rate for website edits (1/2 hour increments) - Applies only to "Signature" subscription package"