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January 2014

Five Great Reasons To Redesign Your Website

Is your website nearing its sell-by date? The New Year is the perfect time to consider a site redesign. Here are five great reasons:

1) Your Website Is No Place For Nostalgia

You don't wear acidwash jeans any more, do you? Neither should your website! A minty fresh website suggests a minty fresh doctor! One who has kept up with the latest medical advances. If it has been more than five years since you last considered the design of your site, you may be surprised at the beautiful options available nowadays.

2) Your Patients Shouldn't Need a GPS to Navigate Your Site

You've worked diligently to add content to your site. Well done, you! But now your site is less information highway, more complex interchange. If you're having trouble finding information on your website, so are your prospective patients. Don't encourage them to take the nearest exit! A website redesign that's user friendly and easy to navigate will steer patients straight to your door.

3) Present a United Front

You've got a fabulous new logo in gorgeous new colors, a shiny new sign over your door, and your letterhead has been updated. Hooray! But to maintain branding consistency, you will absolutely need to redesign your website to incorporate the new logo and colors, otherwise your patients will be confused. (And while you're at it, why not update your website content and improve usability?)

4) To Add Cool New Stuff

Blogs, forums, social media, e-commerce. Welcome to the 21st Century! It's the rare website that doesn't incorporate at least two of these website staples. This is one instance where you don't want to stand out from the crowd. A site redesign will let you add functionality quickly and seamlessly. Your patients will thank you.

5) Laptops and Tablets and Phones, Oh My!

With multiple ways to get online, it only makes sense to have a site that is viewable on multiple devices. In addition to a website redesign, why not also consider a mobile website design? You'll reach more patients more quickly.

Let Healthcommunities guide you through the redesign process. We'll make it as easy and stress-free as possible, plus we'll help you maintain your high search engine ranking. Call 1.888.950.0808.


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