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February 2014

Five Types of Content to Add to Your Site

healthcommunities web design | five types of content to add to your site | five-types-of-content

Adding content to your site is surprisingly easy, and can even be fun. After all, how often do you get to talk uninterrupted about subjects that are close to your heart? Here are five types of content that will help boost your web presence:

1) FAQ

healthcommunities web design | five types of content to add to your site | faq

It sounds obvious, but patients ask the same questions because they don't know the answers; they've never needed to before. Being ill enough to need a doctor is an unfamiliar, alarming experience for many. Why not allay patient anxiety and build trust by posting frequently asked questions on your website and answering them? Community-driven Q&A sites such as Yahoo! Answers can also be a good source of inspiration for common questions.

2) The Horse's Mouth

healthcommunities web design | five types of content to add to your site | delighted-patient

How often have you asked a friend or family member whether a movie is worth seeing, or had a co-worker recommend the best place to eat? When you shop for a gadget or service, you check out the online reviews. Real customers have credibility, and when many people say the same thing, we tend to favor their opinion, and it's often accurate. It's called the Wisdom of the Crowd.

So if your patients repeatedly tell you how awesome you are, share the happy! Ask them if they would like to write a recommendation for your website. Reviews straight from the horse's mouth are gold when it comes to promoting your practice, especially if you update them regularly. (Don't neglect patient privacy, however. First name/last initial, or first name/town are sufficient signatures.)

3) Leadership We Can Believe In

healthcommunities web design | five types of content to add to your site | trust-defined

Articles, how-to's, checklists, health tips, surveys, press releases. These are all excellent items to include on your website. If you present at a conference, include the transcript or powerpoint presentation on your site. If you're interviewed on the radio, or you've invested in a tv ad, include the soundfile, podcast, or ad on your site. If a new treatment or procedure is making the news, comment on it.

Let your patients know about these added resources via newsletter, Twitter, Facebook or your blog, and provide links. It's a quick and easy way to engage with your patients and position yourself as a trustworthy source of health information.

Call Healthcommunities at 1.888.950.0808 for additional advice on using social media to support your website.

4) Fifteen Minutes of Fame

healthcommunities web design | five types of content to add to your site | great-publicity

Okay, so maybe you aren't a Kardashian, but that doesn't mean you can't get your fifteen minutes in the spotlight, just like Mr. Warhol promised. High-speed internet connections, and popular host sites like YouTube and Vimeo, mean adding video to your website is a breeze. But here's a word of warning. Unless you have a sideline business in videography or it's a serious hobby, hire a professional or take a couple of classes. This needn't be expensive: consider contacting your local public access tv station for either. It can mean the difference between, "Hello, I'm Dr. Trusted Authority," and "Hey, here's a little something I shot in my kitchen during a hurricane, just after the power went out."

But what to shoot? Presentations on conditions or treatments are great (but keep them brief--3 minutes is plenty). So are interviews and Q&A. Video tours of your office are welcomed by prospective patients, especially if they have a ways to travel to reach you. (The same is true of photo galleries, by the way.) If you film people other than yourself, including your staff, get a signed release (a form that gives you permission to distribute their likeness). Again, your local public access station can advise you here. And who knows? Maybe you'll enjoy yourself so much, you'll end up hosting your own local access show. "All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up."

Healthcommunities can help you with all aspects of video production. Call 1.888.950.0808 to learn more about our video production services!

5) The Human Touch

healthcommunities web design | five types of content to add to your site | face-to-face

If you've ever played, I Just Want To Talk To Somebody (IJWTTTS), you'll appreciate this. IJWTTTS isn't a game, people. It's a sinister plot by robot overlords bent on consuming precious minutes of our lives which they convert into their fuel. This is how you play: You call a number, let's say, your bank. And half an hour later, you hang up because you've been sent through an endless series of phone menus by an evil machine. To 'win' the game, before you hang up you must cry, "I just want to talk to somebody!" The more anguished, the more points you earn. Sadly, though, that's still a half hour of your life you can kiss goodbye forever.

I say all this to underline a basic fact of human nature: humans respond best to humans. The personal touch is key. So post friendly photos of yourself and your staff (good quality ones--there's only so much that can be remedied with Photoshop) and add personal bios. If you or someone on your staff has won an award, or come first in a 15k race, or participated in a bake-off for charity, share the good news on your site. It seems like such a small thing, but a touch of personal warmth may well be the deciding factor that nudges a potential patient into making that first appointment.

Were these tips helpful? Check out our archive of web design tips. Or call Healthcommunities at 1.888.950.0808 for tips on increasing your web presence. We'll help you become your community's trusted voice for patient health.


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